36 Hours: New Orleans


Photo by Kimberly Vardeman via flickr.com

Thinking of spending some extra time in New Orleans? Want some recommendations or ideas for dinner? Check out this New York Times article written by Campbell Robertson to get some insight on key places to eat, drink, or visit.

From the New York Times…

“…Friday , 7 p.m.


Photo courtesy of the New Orleans Conventions and Visitors Bureau

…For classic south Louisiana cuisine, including a justly celebrated roast duck, head to Brigtsen’s (723 Dante Street; 504-861-7610; brigtsens.com), situated in a homey Victorian cottage, or for a more casual dinner, cross the street to Dante’s Kitchen (736 Dante Street; 504-861-3121; danteskitchen.com, which begins dinner with spoon bread so good you want to eat it with a ladle. A walk of a few blocks is worth it for Boucherie (8115 Jeannette Street; 504-862-5514; boucherie-nola.com), a Southern-flavored bistro that began its life as a food truck. Start off with the boudin balls and end with — this is real — Krispy Kreme bread pudding.

10 p.m.

Stuffed and standing at the corner of Oak Street and South Carrollton Avenue, you have a choice. If you’re in the mood for refined, you can go to Oak (8118 Oak Street; 504-302-1485; oaknola.com), a glossy wine bar, and conclude the evening all civilized-like with a crisp Riesling. If you’re restless, walk to the Maple Leaf Bar (8316 Oak Street; 504-866-9359; mapleleafbar.com) and join the crowd already dancing to the Dirty Dozen Brass Band or whoever is on the bill. And if you’re game, turn around and head to Snake and Jake’s Christmas Club Lounge (7612 Oak Street; 504-861-2802; snakeandjakes.com), strike up a conversation with the person sitting next to you and see where the night goes.

Click here to see the full article for the rest of the weekend rundown.

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