Exciting and Informative Panel Discussions

The 24th International Sculpture Conference: Sculpture, Culture, and Community will feature 14 panel discussions spanning a variety of exciting topics on contemporary sculpture. Check out a few panel highlights below. For a full list of panels and topics, check out the schedule and speaker biographies on the conference website.


Photo from a Panel Discussion at the 2007 International Sculpture Conference: Sculpture in Public: Part 1, Sculpture Parks and Gardens

Analog Concepts to Digital Fabrication
Travel to Xavier University to listen to this panel, which will explore how 3D digital technologies are engaging the artist, educator, and student in the development of new visual problem solving methodologies. After the discussion, stick around for a digital workshop and casting demonstration in Xavier University´s Art Village.

Food for Thought: How Artists are Tackling Social, Political, and Environmental Issues with Food
This panel will explore how artists are using food effectively as an artistic medium. Some topics of discussion will include artist-led community engagement strategies and how the growth and consumption of food serves as a catalyst to connection in communities.

Plan B
This panel will discuss how once radical artistic strategies including relational and activist practices have become institutionalized and predictable, and question how artists proceed with an emancipatory artistic practice.

Public Art and Emerging Artists
How can young and emerging artists break into the field of public art? Panelists will contextualize and demystify the public art-making process, from the nuts and bolts of the commission process to larger questions about the role of public art in today´s artistic landscape.

And Many More!
For a full list of panel speakers and panel discussions, please visit the speaker biographies page. To find out more about all of the great activities that will be featured at the 24th International Sculpture Conference, please visit www.sculpture.org/nola2014.


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